Nice to meet you. My name is Yoav.

I am the father of three: Noam Yael and Abigail, married to Meital and live in Kibbutz Regavim.

I started my filmmaking in 2002 when my debut film as a director – “Blood Revenge”, which was actually my final project in studies, was screened by National Geographic.

At that time I had the privilege of being the photographer of the film “18 kilos of love” (directed by Danny Menkin), which was a great success and was also on the “shortlist” for the Oscar.

From that moment my professional career actually developed simultaneously both as a director and as an independent photographer.

The great curiosity for human stories led me to devote myself to the documentary genre. I was privileged to commemorate countless exciting moments and meet subjects and people who to a large extent shaped who I am today.

My great love for photography and my passion for directing documentaries have meant that I actually shoot most of the films I direct myself. In most of them I am a one man crew; I direct, I shoot and sometimes even edit the film myself.

I find that this method of working allows me to create an incomparable intimacy with the heroes of the film, who in many cases, over the years, have become soul mates.

Over the years, I also brought my experience to the commercial field and produced promotional films, commercials, training films and more. For me it is a privilege to support the creative processes of my clients, to find out what their needs are and how they can be published in the best way.

I love what I do and I hope that this work has a positive effect and leaves a mark.

Yoav Kleinman


+ 972 (0)52 2911454

© Yoav Kleinman 

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