Documentary צילום

Dolphin Boy

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Director: Danny Mankin and Yonatan Nir

Cameraman: Yoav Kleinman, Yonatan Nir, Yaron Levizon

72 minutes

Morad – a teenager from an Arab village in northern Israel disconnects himself from his surroundings following a violent attack he experienced. As a last ditch effort before hospitalizing him in a Mental Institution, his devoted father takes him for a special treatment with Dolphins in the Red Sea town of Eilat. Morad starts speaking again after months of silence, but he erases his past and refuses to go home to his awaiting mother. This documentary is about the devastating havoc that human violence can wreak upon the delicate human soul, and about the healing powers of nature and love. This incredible story was filmed over the course of four years.

The film was purchased by Channels in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, Canada and Ireland.

Festivals and Awards:

A special screening at the HOTDOCS Festival.

The Judges Award at the Jerusalem Festival.

First prize at the Marseille Underwater Festival (Festival Mondial)

Silver Medal at the Mind Media Award Competition at the British Film Institute.

Candidate for the Israeli Oscar Award for Best Documentary.

Judges Award at the Woodstock Festival.

Audience Favorite Award at the Jewish Festival, Washington.

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