Post Lebanon

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Director: Lior Agur

Cameraman: Yoav Kleinman

Two friends return home injured from the hellish inferno of the Lebanon war straight into the stormy protests which are sweeping the nation. They join forces in order to fight for their survival and dignity.

During the final days of the second Lebanon war, two reservists, the Platoon Leader Dubi Gnish and his friend Ori Lerner, made their way inside an armored vehicle around Marge Ayon. Their motorcade is discovered and they are hit by a barrage of rockets. Dubi and another soldier are the last to stay in the vehicle and suffer a direct hit. Ori who managed to get out, courageously rescues them (he later received the Distinguished Service Medal for his heroism) and assumes command of the remainder of the force.

The events in Lebanon are merely the opening shot for their real battle for survival. Ori tries to return to normality but discovers that he suffers from Post Trauma. Dubi endures endless surgeries in an attempt to repair his leg until he is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life.

Spiritual Business