Documentary דוקו- בימוי צילום ועריכה

Wind Crazy

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Director: Yoav Kleinman

Cameraman: Yoav Kleinman

Editor: Haren Carmeli

A 27 min. adventure

Amit Inbar is Israel’s top windsurfer. He is a world champion and holds other Israeli and international titles. In recent years, he has adopted a new and exciting sport – Kitesurfing. Amit and his brother have imported the sport to Israel and are now spreading it among surf lovers.

Amit is a person always on the lookout for challenges. After 3 Olympiads, he decides to try a challenge of a different kind. Using the new surf sport, he will try to cross 4 seas in 4 days. Israel has four seas/lakes in its territory – the Mediterranean, Galilee, Red Sea and the Dead Sea. To surf all seas in one journey is a physical as well as a mental challenge and Amit takes with him some of his close friends in order to strengthen his spirit – Ronny, his buddy from Eilat; Bar – a juggler and spiritual person; Hagit, one of the few girls practicing kitesurfing and Assi – an avid surfer.

Amit is set on braking some more records on this voyage – it’s the first time the Sea of Galilee is going to be crossed with a kitesurf and the trip’s highlight – It’s the first time anyone will kitesurf on the Dead Sea!

Amit and his colleagues are wary of the wind – it can be an ally or an adversary. In both the Red and the Dead Sea, the wrong directional wind could drift the surfer to neighboring Jordan. Sometimes the surfer must wait for wind – this is a time for an amiable gathering – playing some guitar songs around a fire under a full desert moon.

After 5 days (including a one-day delay for wind) the journey ends in success and Amit and his friends can mark another challenge accomplished.

Broadcast on Channel 5

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