Documentary דוקו- בימוי צילום ועריכה

Blood revenge

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Director: Yoav Kleinman

Producer:Yahaly Gat

Cameraman:Itzik Ifargan, Shmil Ziv, Yoav Kleinman

The film is both a gripping personal story of director Yoav Klienman and an illuminating insight into the moral codes and rituals of the Bedouins in the Israeli desert. It is a story about the act of Blood Revenge – a dark, ancient Bedouin custom that still, evidently, persists today. It is the duty of a Bedouin from a tribe afflicted by a murder to avenge the death by killing someone from the assailant’s tribe. Honor is at stake and honor is the cornerstone of the Bedouin’s culture.

 Klienman’s narrative is his personal account of the friendship with Attia – an Israeli Bedouin haunted by this threat of revenge. It’s a story of his attempt to cross borders of culture, religion and mentality so that he could assist his friend in times of peril.

Produced for National Geographic Channel

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